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May 24, 2008



There's no button to push to get a Walk signal.

The big building has no windows.


To be fair regarding No. 4, McDowell/Dawson have been signed as US 401/70 for decades before most of us were even born.
Not saying it's right...but nothing recent either.

It could've been much worse...other NC cities like Winston-Salem and Charlotte and Durham have indeed had actually multi-lane freeways to ram through their downtowns. At least for Raleigh, they attempted to keep the US route as much like a "city street" as possible. (Almost.)


The trees on the right side of the street are being forced to abide in a two-dimensional space (i.e. they are expected to occupy no volume and not to grow). This is exceedingly difficult for life forms accustomed to the luxury of four dimensions (3 of space and one of time).


This is one awful building, yes. As for why it has no windows, my understanding is it's some sort of telephone substation.


Addressing #1:

That's a telecommunications hub building. It's full of switching equipment and almost devoid of people. Hence, no windows and only one fortified (literally) entrance. Everything on that building is done in the name of security, and that alone.

I don't even know if it's an allowable option to say, shrink such a building on all sides to allow for some sort of street facing activity to occur.

That being said, city planning is about how to coexist with this sort of thing. The Borough and Joe's place seem to do just fine along the southbound partner of this street, and King 's and Poole's did just fine along this route.

There also seems to be a generous amount of time alloted to crossing this street,

The main problem I see is that the lights are timed to 45mph, as opposed to the stated speed limit.

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Yeah!that building is really weird...how come there's no window?..

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